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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Requests to Martín (or whoever is in charge!)

Out with the old, in with the new! We embark upon a new era in Madridismo and some major changes appear to be in the works. It is unclear whether or not Martín will ultimately be the man to make these changes or if he will also be swept away by the wave that the bombshell of Pérez' resignation has raised. In any case, I have my share of roster requests - don't we all! - that I would like to see happen in the offseason:

1) Ronie must go It's as simple as that, I'm afraid. The pot has boiled over entirely and the locker room is split. It is clear he does not bleed white, and so, seeing as he is at the center of the storm, Ronaldo must leave.

2) One young midfielder paired with a veteran And when I say young midfielder, I have exactly three in mind: Cesc, Raúl García, and Oubiña. Cesc is ready and is a fabulous talent, as is Raúl García (though I prefer Cesc), while Oubiña may be the least prepared of the three, but is still an attractive option. The veteran? Ballack may be an option. I like Xavi Alonso more, though, because he has more years left.

3) The Beckham situation This is not what you think! I am not going to call for this man's ouster, err, not exactly, anyway. Getting back to Ronaldo's departure...he will need a replacement. If you want to keep Becks as a main starter on the right side, then we will need a striker who is adept at latching on to crosses, particularly with his head. Perhaps Van Nistelrooy? The thing is, though, are we prepared to alter the team's strategy to suit one man? We tried this with Ronaldo, actually... I'm not in favor of it, but you have the amazing marketing power that is David Beckham to consider as well. The other, more balanced option, perhaps, is to have Beckham play a bit of a lesser role on the team. Heck, with his back problems and the World Cup already done by that time, he may be ready to accept a less prominent role in the squad, particularly if the team is more balanced, finally. A final thing to wonder about is whether or not Beckham will be one of the players who leaves in the summer... Not a bad option, either.

4) Two central defenders This one is clear as water. Somebody like John Terry would be wonderful, but that seems difficult to pull off. Any suggestions?

5) Replacements for RC and Salgado We can't go into the season with only Raúl Bravo and Cicinho patrolling the flanks. The right side has a bit more cover with Ramos able to play there very well. I think Cicinho is more suited to play winger. Everyone is talking about Ashley Cole for the left.

What are your requests?

i think we need someone like ballack that can defend and bring hte ball up in our center midfield, we need a TRUE replacement for zidane.. this player must complement robinho and beckham, to players that are essential to the teams offensive build up. i myslelf love robinhoo.....apart from the midfielder we need a forward that like you said can head the ball.... it is time for the team to get rid of raul, as much of an icon he may be in the bernabeu the time has come for him to step down...hopefully cassano will pick up his game and drop some of his weight nad show us some italian magic..i think tha tif madrid is to be sucessful we need backup..the decision of the manager should eb made before the world cup.... hala madrid
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